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Enabling efficient absorption, separation, and recovery of trace metals and substances from original materials in process scale.

“DualPore™” is a new porous material (patented) with a unique three-dimensional structure. Applying this technology, we introduce “DualPore Silica,” an environmentally friendly material that can absorb various substances like water, similar to the standard desiccant silica gel.

What differs DualPore Silica from silica gel is its enhanced hydrodynamic performance due to its two-tier pore structure of “small pore + through hole.” This significantly lowers the pressure to an optimal level for continuous flow processing to happen. Combined with surface chemical modification technology, DualPore Silica can absorb rare metals (palladium, gold, etc.) to a concentration of less than 1 ppm at a speed 80 times faster than current technology.

DualPore can also process large volumes (tons/tonnes) of fluid, and thus has the potential to recycle precious metals, absorb impurities to purify fine chemicals, separate and purify as chromatography media, and serve as catalyst carriers.

DualPore Silica originates from technology that has credentials of being utilized in an invasive medical device, authorized by ISO13485 and CE Mark, and has a safe and reliable nature. Please consider harnessing your business with the power of this technology/product.

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