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Please enter your inquiry contents from the form below.

About the handling of personal information

To prevent leakage of customer’s personal information, the information on this page is encrypted and transmitted in SSL mode. Personal information you input will be handled properly according to our Privacy Policy. Please view our privacy policy at bottom of this page, please agree with the “Send your message” button.

The confirmation screen will not be displayed after pressing the submit button. Please confirm massage then set the radio button selected here before press the submit button.

Privacy policy

Regarding compliance with laws and regulations

The company, for handling personal information, shall comply with laws and respect social ethics as well as acknowledge the importance of personal information protection.

Regarding obtaining personal information

The company obtains personal information by lawful and fair means.
The company gives full attention in order not to lose social confidence of customers when the company accepts handling service of personal information.

Regarding use of personal information

The company uses personal information only in a range of purposes of use, and only in the necessity of execution of the service.
When the company shares and uses personal information with a third party, or transfers the handling of the personal information to a third party, the company properly manages it in order to maintain the secrets as well as providing impartial investigations about the third party concerned.

Regarding management of personal information

The company keeps the accuracy of personal information and manages it safely.
The company implements proper information security measures towards unauthorized access and computer viruses etc., in order to prevent the loss, damage, falsification or leakage of personal information etc.


Regarding disclosure, amendment, suspension of use and erasing of personal information

The company confirms that the individual has a right to acquire disclosure, amendment, suspension of use and erasing etc., about their own personal information in accordance with the provision of laws and regulations. In the event of acquiring such information, the company will promptly respond.?


Regarding organization and structure

The company appoints information security officers and implements the proper management of personal information.
The company implements a study about personal information and the proper management method towards officers and employees and carefully handles personal information properly in daily business.?



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